Phase I

‘ClinSync is a full service Phase I CRO which Simplifies your drug development journey takes a smart partner, one with clinical expertise, integrated technologies, and its own early phase hospital-based unit already in place on Asian Continent, India . With a nimble and proven ally saving your time and expense during and between clinical processes, your compounds enter First-in-Human studies faster, which also helps you accelerate your timeline. Clinsync has the global expertise to perform Phase I trials in its Phase 1 facility which is designed in compliance with American Cardiac Association and stands committed to the success of your journey. 


Clinsync has developed an integrated and adaptive approach that supports Phase IIa outcomes. Your journey advances more smoothly when you can show regulators and financial stakeholders early on that your new molecule is effective. From early phase trials that can take you into Proof-of-Concept studies through to product launch, we can activate the appropriate patient populations and clinical expertise you need. We provide the right resources in the right places, customized to provide the data you need to expedite your objectives. 


Emergency Facilities (ICU):

Central continuous cardiac and BP monitoring (multi para monitors)

Continues core body temperature monitoring, auricular temperature monitors

Infusion and syringe pumps


Dedicated ECG machine

Nebulizer, stuffed crash cart with defibrillator