Oncology and Special Population services


Large pharmaceutical and biotech companies prefer to have a specialty oncology CRO available to handle specific Oncology based challenges during their product development, whether it’s to support their in-house team or bring specific expertise to the table, or provide a second set of eyes on the lead CRO’s work, ClinSync can provide these services a la carte or under a master services agreement as they have highly qualified medical and scientific experts on board to meet your needs in Oncology and Special population studies that are highly complex to execute”

ClinSync Investigators and staff's experience is our biggest asset with a team of senior Medical Experts and  scientists that all have on average of more than 15 years of pharmaceutical and biotech drug discovery and development experience. Majority of them were KOLs in various pharma / biotech advisory boards or development teams with a cumulative experience of more than 10 INDs/NDA submissions.

Clinsync’s experts are committed for Scientific Integrity and Quality, strong program Development and Consulting, Fast track regulatory approvals, Fast recruitment through Investigator Network, and Satellite investigator sites, expertise in handling Clinical PK studies and Seamless Project Management.


End to End Services Includes:


HIV/ TB/ Malaria/ Hepatitis and other infectious conditions

Post menopausal women

Dermatology- Transdermal patches, Gel/ Foam/ Cream, Cumulative Irritation studies & Skin sensitization studies

Hepatic Impairment

Renal Impairment (at partner Kidney Center)

Hypogonadal studies

Contraceptive studies

Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases- Cardiac Failure & Diabetes